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The new website for the Broadlands Group Riding for the Disabled is at - you should be re-directed there shortly, but please remember to update your favourites!

Broadlands Riding Centre has closed it's doors to regular riding lessons and now concentrates on the Riding for Disabled Association Group that has been running here. This website will remain here for historical links.

Based in Medstead near Alton, Broadlands provides riding lessons to both mentally and physically disabled children and adults. In addition to disabled adults and children from the local area, pupils from Shepherds Down School and Treloars School ride regularly. Broadlands was started in 1955 and now provides over 900 rides every year.

In order to provide these rides we have ponies of various sizes and shapes with different paces to suit individual riders. These ponies are selected for their temperament and are carefully trained for the job they have to do. They are calm and responsive so that they will obey the rider however weak the signal. By having suitable ponies that are prepared to have people around them or work independently the riders can make good progress from needing a leader and side walkers to, in many cases, riding independently off the lead and entering competitions. The instructors, physiotherapists and helpers all give time for FREE.

We raise all our own funds as a registered charity, through collections, sponsored events and begging letters to trusts and foundations. We are always looking for volunteer helpers!  

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